Rethinking Balkan identities: The dynamics of space and time

Aφίσα Hμερίδας
Aφίσα Hμερίδας

(ανοίγει σε νέα σελίδα)

Sixth international Border Crossings network students' conference

Korca, Albania, 22 - 25/5/2008


  • Border Crossings Network
  • Institute of Popular Culture, Academy of Tirana, Albania
  • Municipality of Korca
  • Department of History and Archeology, University of Ioannina
  • Research Unit “Balkan Mahhabet”, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki
  • Department of Ethnology, St. Cyril and Methodious University, Skopje
  • Department of Balkans Studies, University of Western Macedonia, Florina.


  • Kouros Theodoros «The perception of domestic and public space in a Vlach community in NW Greece»
  • Pisanec Anusa & Strazisar Urska «Elka and her home: Conception of home and space of Elka Strojan»
  • Sourlas Leonidas «Shopping and Leisure in Edine: Cross-border consumption and identities in the Greek - Turkish borders»
  • Zacharakis Nikos & Mpellou Evgenia «Border crossing illegal networks»
  • Karathanasis Pafsanias «Street art across the “green line”: the geographies of graffiti styles in the walled city of Nicosia, Cyprus»
  • Samantas Giorgos «Sounding off in the city: “reclaiming” urban space in public Athens’s rave»
  • Antoniadou Ariadni «Zoniana and the media discourse»
  • Kapsioti Maria «Observing shrines (“eikonostasia”) aside a Greek country road.»
  • Dumani Elsa «The North Albania in the eyes of two ethnographers: Franz Baron Nopzcha and Clarissa de Waahl»
  • Gerogianni Evangelia «The Socialist Albania’s construction through demotic song of the Greek minority»
  • Smith Erin «“Finding a husband with the click of a button”. Overcoming social limitations on space and time using technology – new matrimonial strategies amongst girls in rural Albania»
  • Lempert Hans «National identity in post-communistic Albania»
  • Kitsaki Georgia & Lozovanu Dorin «Ethnic groups: identities and relations in Greek – Albanian border»
  • Laska Armelina «The antic city of Apolonia»
  • Dalanaj Velta «The ideological use of antiquities in Albania»
  • Katsadima Antigoni «Some balk at being Balkan. A review of Balkan identity based on the film “Red-colored grey truck” (2004) of Srdjan Koljevic»
  • Haliloglu Nagihan «Consolidating Balkan identities through contemporary film: the case of Turkish Gambit and Elveda Rumeli»
  • Krajnc Katja «Pushing the limits of visual anthropology»
  • Polymeropoulou Maria Louiza «The materiality of inter-Balkan identity»
  • Buzarovska Rumena «Literary translations in the Balkans: embodiments and sculptors of cultural exchange»
  • Apostolopoulou Vasiliki & Tsompanopoulou Fenia «Oral tradition across the border: a performance of polyphonic singing at Kefalovrisso»
  • Mavros Stefanos & Panou Fani «NGOs in the Balkans: a review of the literature»
  • Mirlesse Alexandre «The notions of “centre” and “periphery” and the European Union identity»
  • Arko Sara & Dembsky Helena «Migration as a need- A Short Documentary Film»
  • Nilufer Naya & Mahir Unsal Eris «Ashkenazim of Turkey: minority in minority»
  • Dunovka Jovanova «Roma Community in Zlokukjani (Skopje): housing, education, employment»
  • Nikolova Emilija «Identity of Uniats - Chatolics with eastern orthodox rituals in Macedonia»
  • Duygu Gursel «What lies behind the misrepresentation of Gypsy / Roma? A discussion on democracy, difference and (in) tolerance»
  • Papanastasiou Charalampia & Kakou Vanessa «Cultural difference and social interaction in the down of Florina: the case of the “Hellenes of the Roma race”»
  • Theocharis Michail «Collective and private memory. Researching the two ways of remembering of the Turkish invasion in Cyprus»
  • Sarikoudi Georgia «The role of memory on the refugee’s representation»
  • Andrianopoulos Christos «Social memory and the management of historical events: The case of Illdten»
  • Rina Georgia «Constructions of the Greek national identity through children’s literature: the case of Penelope Delta»
  • Koufadaki Eleni «Ethnocentrism in Greek education. The new book of history and the conflict it created»
  • Mellios Nikolaos «Observations on ourselves and on others: an ethnographic research in a Primary school at Xanthi – Greece»
  • Theocharidou Maria «Piercing: Who and why? An ethnographic research»
  • Spanoudi Sisy «Ceremonial firewalking in Greece »
  • Papandreou Fotini «When Ares was named Adam and Aphrodite Eva. Representations of male and female bodies at the public toilets in Komotini»
  • Parlani Xanthoula & Chrysochoidou Anastasia «Coffee cup as a map of life: meanings and symbols arising from the coffee cup divination»
  • Patsiaoura Efthalia «The meaning of Chios traditional sweets»
  • Kitsos Dimitrios «The meaning of violence: twisting protest into sacrilege.»
  • Stegovec Maja «“New Age” colonialism: the invasion of English people in North Slovenia»
  • Palcu Ovidiu «Romanian transnational migration in Greece»
  • Tsakmakidou Sofia «Albanian immigrants in Thessaloniki»
  • Marmataki Maria,Galanopoulou Georgia - Maria, Xirogianni Maria «“One out of Ten”: exploring racism and xenophobia in contemporary Greece through a theatrical play»
  • Rantou Efrosini & Vitali Valentini – Dea «When immigrants learn Greek: integrating Greece? »
  • Kougiou Maria & Tsingas Alexis «When immigrants learn Greek: political activism and representations of the “Other” among a group of Greek teachers»
  • Matsouki Evangelia «A school for the children of immigrants»
  • Karagianni Panagiota & Kelaiditi Maria «“Little diary of the borders”: narrating the immigration experience»
  • Fefopoulou Alexandra «The foreigner in close – up. Ethnic minorities in the Greek cinema from an anthropological point of view»
  • Felis Margaret «What’s in a name? A Glimpse at Balkan Heritage and Immigration in America»


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